Las Iglesias

audio visual installation, 15 minute loop, projection mapping, copper foil, vellum paper, amps, brightsign media player, 2022

The audio-visual installation is a reflection of my journey of self-discovery and reclamation of my indigenous roots. I am drawn on the intersection between history, beliefs, and imagination. Using handmade speakers from copper foil, magnets and paper to play the soundscape sourced from field recordings captured in Michoacán, I deconstruct the speakers to unveil the magic and power of the land. The site of La Iglesias holds a special significance as it is a place that started me on the journey. I believe that the land which was once owned by my great-grandpa has a deep spiritual power and cultural importance to the Purépecha culture. La Iglesias provides me with a rich source of imagination. By reinterpreting my personal history and connecting with the past, I hope to reclaim aspects of my identity that have been lost or fragmented through displacement and disappearance from settler colonialism. It is the process of unforgetting the past while reimagining my future.