Co-Founder and Director of Coaxial, Eva Aguila is a multidisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, CA. Aguila’s background includes film, video, performance, and sound. Her passion for organizing started as a need to support grassroots organizing in underrepresented art communities. In 2010 she started the cable access television show Experimental Half-Hour with her partner Brock Fansler. Through Experimental Half-Hour Aguila curated, engineered, and applied analog special effects with performers and other video artists to create collaborative art videos. Aguila co-created Coaxial Arts Foundation in 2015 as a way to further the community of multimedia artists in LA, as well as foster the community itself. Inspired by the in-between and structuralist techniques, her work most recently is informed by the oral histories and Mexican diaspora of rural communities of Michoacán where her parents and family are from.