Kevin Shields was the experimental noise pseudonym of Eva Aguila from 2005-2010. Kevin Shields was named with the intention of being anonymous as a Mexican woman in the white male centric noise scene of the early 2000’s. Inspired by structuralist filmmaker Stan Brakhage, Aguila performed using an obsolete piece of equipment called Magnasync Moviola Synchronizer utilized by film editors to sync audio with 35mm film. Using the Synchronizer as a tape looper, Aguila created repetitive meditative sounds as an exercise of endurance to achieve visceral sounds of sheer bliss. The repetitive motion was an act of ritual needing to be performed in order to achieve the cathartic sounds of rhythmic noise.

Her musical discography features releases on Ecstatic Peace, Blackest Rainbow, and Weird Forest. Aguila has toured extensively across the US, Europe and Mexico. She has been reviewed in international magazines such as The Wire and Aurthur Magazine.

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