Coaxial Arts 

Eva Aguila is the co-founder and Director of Coaxial Arts Foundation, an artist-run non-profit space dedicated to experimental sound, video and performance art located in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Started by artists for artists, Coaxial’s functions on a fundamental principle: we aim to support working artists within an essential framework that promotes and generates new works. It is a focus on making and providing a space/forum for the creation of new projects, further experimenting and pushing what art is and its purpose. In other words, Coaxial’s mission is to facilitate a collective of artists that supports the community at large by running an art space where one can experience new work of experimental video, sound and performance art under one roof. By providing a range of services to underground artists, we are able to provide a safe space for artists to create, experiment, and explore topics that are often overlooked and seen as transgressive.