Eva Aguila is a sound and video artist from Los Angeles, CA. Aguila’s background includes video, theater, and music. In 2005 she started her solo noise project called Kevin Shields where she initially drew her inspiration from pieces inspired by experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Aguila's sound-accompanied gestured performance is both the source and the driving force behind her conceptual sound-making, which has been described as “Sheer cliffs of feedback ice, throbbing and grinding gear distortions, and angelic digital bursts slowly cancel each other out creating additives that are neither impatient nordead.” Composed using magnetic tape manipulated through film-editing machines, the movement required to create these sounds is of central importance to Aguila, whose ideal audience and interaction is with listeners who enjoy the intensity.

Aguila has toured extensively throughout Europe and the United States, and has performed in Mexico City, Japan and Hong Kong. She has also been involved in several other projects such as Caldera Lakes and the audio visual project Sporay with her husband Brock Fansler. Her past discography features releases on Ecstatic Peace, Deathbomb Arc, Blackest Rainbow and Weird Forest. In 2010 she started the experimental public access television show Experimental Half-Hour with Brock Fansler. Eva is also the founder and Artistic Director of Coaxial Arts Foundation, an artist run non-profit arts space dedicated to experimental sound, video and performance art. When is is not busy working on her own projects she can usually be found at Coaxial.